Terms and Conditions

File Manipulation  Pricing assumes the image files are provided essentially “ready to print” — see our Image Submission Guidelines (following) for details. Global correction of exposure, contrast and tone is included in image price. Further image correction services are provided at $120/hr. 

Proofs    One 8 x 10 proof on the desired paper is included in the price of all prints 5 sq ft or greater. Other proofs, if requested, are billed at $10 each. If an acceptable proof cannot be obtained, client will be billed a minimum order charge ($29), unless waived by The Calculated Image LLC in its sole discretion. 

Print to Match    Printing to match a provided sample will almost always incur additional file manipulation charges, billed at $120 per hour. Due to differences in inks, papers, and technologies, a perfect match may not be possible. 

Deposits   A 50% deposit may be requested for jobs costing $300 or more, with balance due on delivery. One 8 x 10 proof on the desired paper is included in the price of all prints 5 sq ft or greater. Other proofs, if requested, are billed at $10 per sq ft. 

Professional Discounts     Provide an Idaho State Sales Tax reseller number for a professional discount.

Quantity Discounts      Quantity discounts for the same image are shown in the pricing table.

Reprints    Quantity pricing discounts will apply to reprints made from image data I have archived for you.

Sales Tax    Idaho residents are charged 6% State sales tax and 2% Ketchum city tax. Idaho clients requesting tax exemption must complete a state tax exemption form (ST-101) for our files.

Media and Inks    The media and Canon Lucia pigmented inks used in the production of your work are of archival quality and should have a longevity in excess of 100 years when stored, mounted, and displayed properly. If you have a preferred paper that is not in stock, I can usually obtain a quantity within a week.

Turn Around    I attempt to complete the typical job in five working days or less. More time will be required if you need a paper we don’t normally have in stock. Rush processing may be available for a significant up-charge.

Data Archiving    Unless otherwise requested, we will retain a printer-ready copy of your image data. I can burn a copy of your data onto a DVDR or CDR for a minimal charge.

Reproduction Rights     You must own or otherwise hold legal access to reproduction rights for any image you wish us to print. You agree to defend and hold The Calculated Image LLC, its owners and its employees harmless in any legal dispute arising from our printing of images you provide.

Data Loss      Provide a copy of your image if possible, not an original. If you don’t have a copy, inform us and we will make one for you. See Data Archiving above.

While we will take every precaution to protect your data from loss while it is in our possession, I cannot accept responsibility for loss of data provided to us beyond replacement of lost or damaged media.

Unclaimed Property    The Calculated Image LLC will not be responsible for loss or damage of originals or finished goods beyond three months from date of invoice.

The Calculated Image is an Idaho Limited Liability Corporation  located in Giacobbi Square, Ketchum, Idaho 83340      Owner: Dan Casali