Image Submission Guidelines

You may bring your data in on optical media (CD or DVD), flash drive, or portable hard disk, in PC or Mac format. We can also read most camera memory cards directly. Internet file submission via Dropbox or similar services works fine. If your images are on your laptop, just bring it in and we will get them off for you.

Digital images should be color corrected, cropped and sized to a resolution of at least 240 and at most 400 pixels per inch at final output size. A flattened .tiff image is the preferred image format, but I will of course accept .jpeg files. If given a choice, save your images in SRGB or Apple RGB colorspace. Other colorspaces will be accepted but may contain unprintable colors.

If you are unable to prepare your image for printing, I will gladly accept your raw image data and work with you to get the highest quality print at the size you desire. I can also scan flat art or photos up to letter size. Custom file manipulation is billed at $120 per hour.

My Canon printers can print widths up to 44” and lengths of 60” or more. The paper measurements given in the pricing table are common output sizes, but the printers use roll paper and are capable of almost any dimensions within the maximums given.

Carefully consider and communicate your desired border area. The print dimensions given in the price list are for the delivered print; that is, an 8 x 10 price is for a print on an 8 x 10 inch page. Any border area will subtract from the image size, i.e. a specified 1/2 inch border will result in an imaged area of 7 x 9 inches. Certain paper sizes may make it convenient to provide additional border to you without charge. This will be trimmed off upon request.

Canvas prints destined for gallery wrapping will require a wrap border. I can add this border in Photoshop as part of the printing process. Ask to see examples of the wrap styles. You will have to tell me how wide a wrap border you require (usually 2-3 inches) and the desired style. If unsure, ask your framer.

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